Embedded Webserver

Embedded Webserver is a small footprint, multi-platform webserver implementation exposing IIS-like API to web enable your hobby project in four easy steps:

  1. Add reference to EmbeddedWebserver.dll
  2. Create a Webserver instance with the appropriate configuration (config.ini, or EmbeddedWebapplicationConfiguration instance)
  3. Register handlers and modules specific to your needs
  4. Call the StartListening method and test with a browser


  • Flexible, IIS-like API (handlers, modules, web application, configuration file, url mapping, request pipeline, directory browsing etc.)
  • Http request parser (method, url, headers, query string, body)
  • Http response compilation
  • Buffered / streamed response content options
  • Basic security options (through requestfiltermodule)
  • Built-in diagnostic page
  • Supports .NET Micro Framework 4.1, .NET Framework 4 Client Profile and .NET Framework 4

The Embedded Webserver is a good choice for small-scale hobby projects, where an easy web interface can greatly improve user experience or overall usability. Since the Netduino rapid prototyping platform http://netduino.com/ is the main target, the entire code base is organized around its limitations.

UPDATE: tested with actual Netduino Plus hardware, it totally rocks!

In action

  • Built-in diagnostic page


  • Custom handler output


  • Directory browsing


Known limitations

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