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Embedded Webserver

Embedded Webserver is a small footprint, multi-platform webserver implementation exposing IIS-like API to web enable your hobby project in four easy steps:

  1. Add reference to EmbeddedWebserver.dll
  2. Create a Webserver instance with the appropriate configuration (config.ini, or EmbeddedWebapplicationConfiguration instance)
  3. Register handlers and modules specific to your needs
  4. Call the StartListening method and test with a browser


  • Flexible, IIS-like API (handlers, modules, web application, configuration file, url mapping, request pipeline, directory browsing etc.)
  • Http request parser (method, url, headers, query string, body)
  • Http response compilation
  • Buffered / streamed response content options
  • Basic security options (through requestfiltermodule)
  • Built-in diagnostic page
  • Supports .NET Micro Framework 4.1, .NET Framework 4 Client Profile and .NET Framework 4

The Embedded Webserver is a good choice for small-scale hobby projects, where an easy web interface can greatly improve user experience or overall usability. Since the Netduino rapid prototyping platform is the main target, the entire code base is organized around its limitations.

UPDATE: tested with actual Netduino Plus hardware, it totally rocks!

In action

  • Built-in diagnostic page


  • Custom handler output


  • Directory browsing


Known limitations

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